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Pat Patregnani, Managing Partner


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Alex Sepkowski, Managing Partner, 


Our Awesome, Brilliant, Creative, Very Cool Peeps!

Xela Agency's team of experts consists of marketing professionals across the nation, and some internationally. These relationships forged over the years are each called upon for their specialty. This unique contemporary marketing approach to serving clients not only saves our clients the high-cost, typical fee-based agencies with in house staff and overhead, but provides each client with just

the right person for the right task.

While these are just a few of our go-to's we have hundreds more in virtually every business category and marketing discipline available on call 24/7/365. All Strategy,Execution and Account Management Services however is done right here by your

Xela Leadership Team.


Double Trouble, look out ladies.

Cool Hand Luke, Strategic Development

Realtor Marketing, our Diva

Collector of late payments, lol

Cheeks, Sweets and Greets

Future Prez.

Super-High Maintenance, we're told?

JJ, Left Brainer

Joe, Right Brainer

70s Child, Eye on The Prize!

Can you say attitude, Joe what does she do??

Johnny's Prodigy Child

Exchange Staff, Tax Deduction

Our Geek, IT, AI, BI, CIA

Bella, In-House Happiness

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